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Clean is nice at any price, but especially at our prices! - Merida's only hotel with a glowing green cactus... or your money back! - We accept Mexican pesos - Conveniently located near Santiago Park - Postmodern and very Sixties...like a hip Miami hotel, only $600 a night cheaper! - Offstreet parking! - Did we mention that our rooms are clean? - More private than a hostel, more economic than a B&B - Treat yourself to local televison channels...a great way to learn Spanish! - We think you're gonna' like it here! -

Welcome to Aventura Hotel!

We pride ourselves on giving you a safe, clean and comfortable place to stay at rock-bottom prices. Every room gets cleaned every day when you are there. Every room has a fan, a window or two, a desk and chair (you are writing your memoirs, aren't you?) and a sparkling clean bathroom,    complete with Mexico's ubiquitous Rosa     Venus       soap.

Rosa Venus Soap from Mexico

Towels and sheets are washed daily and we do our best to pick up around the place. We bought new mattresses not too long ago, so your bed is comfortable and clean.

Aventura Hotel is a safe hotel, in case you are worried about that sort of thing. Each room can be locked from the inside. And we have a night watchman who is in the lobby when the receptionist isn't. The front doors get locked late at night, but if you get back later, he can let you in.

The rooms aren't incredibly spacious and they don't have a view. But when you get your bill the next morning, you'll still have lots of pesos left over for a good breakfast and a trip to Chichen Itza or Izamal. If you have a car, we have offstreet parking for you too.

But don't take our word for what a great place this is... come stay at the Aventura Hotel when you come to Merida! Save money AND sleep under the glowing green cactus!


Single rooms with double bed and private bath
$280 pesos/night

Double rooms with 1 double bed and 1 single bed and private bath
$380 pesos/night

Hotel Aventura's single room

Aventura's double hotel room